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Kagro in the Morning

Jun 24, 2022

This is like talking about pre-meteorite problems in a post-meteorite world. Unbeknownst to David Waldman (well pretty beknown actually, we all saw it coming) the Trump Supreme Court eliminated the constitutional right to an abortion, making abortion absolutely illegal with no exceptions for millions of Americans. They’re coming for contraception and same-sex marriage now, but you knew that also.

The only way to fix this is to start at the bottom, which unfortunately is a long, long way down. The January 6 insurrection House select committee dug down further yesterday into Donald Trump’s attempted debasement of the Justice Department and is connecting the dots of his use of any form and style of corruption ever imagined. Richard Nixon is crawling out of his grave to spit in Trump’s eye.

The Giant Wet Wipe Island of corruption continues to float up and spread. Ron Johnson keeps struggling to make his Jan. 6 mess go away. Ron did say that he was “basically unaware” which is generally true, but not in the case of his efforts to pass false elector slates through to Mike Pence. Again, it was a scheme too dirty for Nixon to contemplate, and too stupid for either Matt Gaetz or Murdery Traitor Greene to even consider without preemptive blanket pardons.

Apparently stupid enough, however: Arizona GQP Chair Kelli Ward and her husband just got subpoenaed, the FBI seized Nevada GQP chairman Michael McDonald’’s phone and discovered that former Trump Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark wears pajamas, among other findingsFormer Wisconsin Supreme Court justice Michael Gableman holds all justice and law in contempt.

Trump made a secret call to Vladimir Putin just before the election. Based on results, it must not have been a perfect call.