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Kagro in the Morning

Jun 29, 2022

KITM is back! Wait, I see that they never left, so perhaps it is I who am gone, hmmm?

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin are here to keep us sane in crazy times:

So, what happened yesterday? Oh yes, Cassidy Hutchinson happenedCassidy Hutchison will be an icon of this era, the way Oliver North was in the Reagan era (except for every other way). Ms. Hutchison began yesterday as Trump's Chief of Staff's principal aide and skyrocketed to be a virtual unknown by afternoon. Today Cassidy begins at “She’s no angel” and by tonight Hutchison better be under witness protection.

Hearsay” probably isn’t what you heard it was. In fact, Hutchison was a direct witness to the crimes and criming of every crime and criminal imaginable, committed by a rogues’ gallery that no one needs much imagination to list off. Mark Meadows looks to be a key co-conspirator. Add Kevin McCarthy to the presently unindicted co-conspiratorsRon Johnson lied... And, there’s got to befiring squad’s worth of smoking guns pointed at Donald Trump by now. They all should be rounded up to speak under oath, along with a few more innocent and mostly innocent folks such as Pat Cipollone, Tony Ornato, and Ali Alexander.

The strange tale of Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters continues. Indicted election denier Tina Peters loses her own election—and denies she lost.