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Kagro in the Morning

Jun 3, 2022

David Waldman presents our Friday KITM Platinum Jubilee Donut Day Special (Free donut and lox with the purchase of KITM’s Queen-Size Haggis Breakfast at participating KITM World Headquarters, while supply lasts)

If only we had a queen like Canada, a wave of a scepter might make gun control the way people really want, whatever that is. Instead, at a House hearing on gun control that could have used a bit of on-screen gun fail, we hear that animal traps are ineffective on the modern raccoon, and that originalism, textualism, and about 1,500 rounds are required to fight the evil and the gender-fluid… and also teachers who close doors but don’t go back and shake the knob to make sure they’ve latched.

With all of disinformation, lies and stupidity being handed out, it was only a matter of time before it was monetized. Colleges are building education centers with taxpayer money designed to create less educated students.

Donald Trump is a piker compared to those he let in the door. Steve KG Bannon’s election takeover is starting to take shape with election-denying armies heading to blue polls. Ron DeSantis isn’t done killing and isn’t about to let the Tampa Bay Rays get in his way. If Ron can’t kill transgender or Special Olympic youths, he might make them want to kill themselves.

Democrats are shaking Jared Kushner and a few billion out of Mohammed bin Salman’s pocket as they investigate Saudi investment in Kushner’s post administration pop-up shop.