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Kagro in the Morning

Jun 4, 2021

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Happy National Donut Day! Oh, I mean… Very Somber and Reflective National Donut Memorial Day. Sorry.

Gee whiz, why aren’t people rushing back to work at low-paying jobs?

Joe Manchin still saying the same thing over and over, but not making any more sense.

There’s more detail out now from the Senate parliamentarian on the new reconciliation theory. But as usual, I’m less than thrilled with the way it’s explained in the media. As with everything, if you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself.

Economists say California’s stricter COVID lockdown has set them up for a stronger economic recovery.

Emptywheel says something’s happening with Rudy, and Rudy’s such a bad lawyer, he’s taking everybody around him down, too. Why? How? Well, start here, I guess.

Don’t “mess with” Texas, arrest Texas! After all, they wanted to hang Mike Pence, which he’s OK with. Just like he’s OK with the end of the “Christian Era.”

Georgia’s GQP wants in on the fraudit train.

DeSantis figures out that people like getting checks. Will he do better with them than Dems did?