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Welcome to week 20 of Presidential Apprentice, and the 23rd round of the Donald Trump National Golf Tournament, David Waldman calls the shots:

Is today the day Donald Trump finally became president? No, but it is about time to get alarmed.

Greg Dworkin helps us figure out who the good guys are. Trump’s national security team thought he might be on someone’s side but his own. Of course they were wrong. Trump is on the stupid side, and stupid is winning. Trump doesn’t trust climate scientists, once he had a golf date rained out. The Associated Press doesn’t trust Trump to report the news. The Gop plan on you not trusting the media. What source is “official” anymore? Britain is not “under siege” or “reeling” and doesn’t need us to panic.

Trump trails Obama by 55 points, so it is understandable to miss Barack now, but please don’t interview another poor Ohioan. Donald has caught Comey-mania early, but is unlikely to prevent its spread through executive privilege. Ivanka Trump’s lazy, disingenuous, shallow, self-involved political brand is still going strong

Armando thinks it’s a good time to invest in tar, feathers and rails to run Trump out on. One of the last legit places to give Donald Trump a loan, The Deutsche Bank, ignored a U.S. Trump/Russia query from the U.S. House Financial Services Committee

If you really need a reason to start panicking, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, and Bahrain are cutting ties to Qatar, and Qatar is deploying 1,000 ground troops to fight in Yemen. So, who wants Trump to mistrust QatarSaudi Arabia's rulers threatened to make it easier for terrorists to attack London unless corruption investigations into their arms deals were halted.

Coming up this week on KITM: An exploration into the myth of the kindly General Lee.  And—how the Trump-Russia data machine games Google to fool Americans. Now, you can’t google it to find out more, you need to tune into us!

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