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Why can’t we quit obsessing over this Comey thing, which is just distracting us from… wait. We are paying attention to the thing we’re supposed to today! Yay!

Yes, history is happening live right now—but you need to listen to David Waldman, Greg Dworkin and Armando work this over first. We are on our way to getting to the bottom of this, although there may be no bottom to the lowness. The scandal is what’s already known, it’s just the details to fill in now. Whatever bombshells Comey drops today, they'll have a tough time competing with what we already know about Trump and Russia.

Of course the President, now totally vindicated, can move on. The Right wishes we could move on, but the Alt-Right can’t move at all because their head is spinning from so much winning. Still, there are some that call Donald Trump a huge loser, including Russian sex workers, and the former Miss Hungary

Let’s move on to the upcoming Qatar-Russia-Turkey-Saudi-Flynn-Lewandowski-Trump scandal, shall we? Throw in Trump’s new FBI director director pick Christopher Wray, who has Russian ties of his own… why not Chris Christie too? Oh, and remember Jared Kushner, with his secret channel to Putin, similar to Michael Flynn’s illegal channel to the Russian Military

Speaking of Russians, Senator Mark Warner reveals that more state election systems were targeted by them.

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