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That was David Waldmanprobably, under that writhing mass of cicadas behind the KITM microphone this morning... It sure sounded like him. Anyhow, all he needed to do today was introduce Greg Dworkin and Armando, and you know we’d have nothing to worry about.

Terry McAuliffe made a big decisive comeback in Virginia with enthusiastic voters. The former guy continues to make his party the former party.

Severe COVID cases and deaths plummeted this spring, except in the areas with low vaccination rates… There just might be something to those vaccines after all, beyond helping you find your car keys in the morning.

Israel’s soon-to-be-former-guy, Bibi Netanyahu, wanted to get a little insurrection Flag Marching going this Thursday, but that will be postponed until after the new government is sworn in.

The Senate report on our January 6 insurrection has Trump-sized holes in it, which is just how Republicans and Joe Manchin want to leave it. The Big Lie isn’t enough for the GQP though, they need you to eventually doubt everything. Maybe it’s working. Republicans don’t particularly like democracy, and Americans don’t particularly care. Democrats can’t quite explain why… at least not in a way that isn’t annoying to everyone else.

Democrats can’t close the gender pay gap, raise minimum wage, or stop discrimination upon L.G.B.T.Q. workers. Ron DeSantis doesn’t want any colors other than white on his bridges. Don’t expect any pride from Merrick Garland, either. The DOJ, established to defend civil rights, now seems more interested in Executive branch rights, including those of patriot-rapist Donald Trump —  So, wtf? This is just the question Armando pondered recently, and he has a few nits, big and small, to pick. For reference, check out the Federal Employees Liability Reform and Tort Compensation Act of 1988 and related cases, opinions and replies!

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