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Kagro in the Morning - March 1, 2016

David Waldman brings the super to Tuesday with today’s KITM:

Donald Trump picks up the Louis Farrakhan endorsement, pretty much sewing up the race. Greg Dworkin shows us where this is all going:

Does Trump have the nomination sewed up? The election? Or will it be #NeverTrump? Seriously, will there be enough anti-Trump voters that will stick to their principals to not vote anti-Clinton to matter? And say they they do “come apart”, how will that keep the Gop from still winning the election? An imploded party will certainly eventually win if they are the ones that are going out to vote. There are definitely enough morons around ready to vote Trump in, you know. Why isn’t Bernie Sanders expanding the electorate? Why don’t black voters Feel the Bern? Do Democrats even care about big ideas anymore...

But really, isn’t a lot of this mess some of you dumbasses’‚Äč fault?

Melissa Harris-Perry would have been helpful right about now.

A woman is in critical condition after a swimming pool hurtles 1500 feet and is lodged in her neck. Correction: not a swimming pool, a bullet. Another guy is “self-inflicted”, by an “unintentional discharge” that accidentally got him shot, “apparently”.

NH paper realizes Chris Christie is Donald Trump’s Renfield, and retracts their endorsement.

Did you know Dick Cheney may have been an authoritarian sociopath?

Good luck to David Waldman, going off to vote now, a right not necessarily guaranteed.

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