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No matter what your age or where you’re from, you know on Friday you gotta, gotta get down! Get down to the weekend informed by David Waldman and KITM:

In honor of a Day Without A Woman a guy on BBC demonstrated how tough it is to have a day without your spouse. A couple guys wonder why they have to pay for the lady problems in their insurance. Jamie Dimon feels Trump’s masculinity has already aroused the marketplace

David Brat, who is tired of women up in his grill, is also tired of the Byrd rule. Brat doesn’t seem to understand that Byrd was a person, the process of reconciliation or much of how government operates. David Waldman goes into detail on all of that. This weekend’s big read: The mythology of Obamacare continues to fight against the good of Obamacare

Maxine Waters isn’t sure if the entire dossier on Donald P. Trump is absolutely true, even as more and more is confirmed.  

Loyalty has its rewards, but for Trump those rewards do not include trust or latitude. Rex Tillerson lost most of his staff and clotheslined the press, but Trump still doesn’t quite have his back, for some reason. Green acres is not the place for Trump, so who needs an agriculture secretary? Trump does understand Goldman Sachs partner, hedge fund manager, bank owner, and Hollywood producer Steven Mnuchin. But Mnuchin still doesn’t get Donald’s love, like some of those others in the inner circle who just have that certain something Michael Flynn had.

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