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A little bit of everything today. Greg Dworkin joined us for a brief Team 26 update, and a continued discussion of guns as a public health issue. Conservative backlash against departure from the "Hastert Rule." Peggy Noonan's profoundly stupid article. Which one? The one about how she had a sad because she stayed in a budget rate hotel and couldn't find a footman. Shocked by the place being short-staffed, Nooners apparently has no idea how it could happen. But Mother Jones explains in "All Work and No Pay: The Great Speedup." Armando then joined the show for a discussion of NRO having a sad because conservatives are the heirs of the situational ethics of John Calhoun, to some poignant examples of the inheritance: their abuse of the "states' rights" canard on marriage, abortion, guns, voting rights, and just about anything under the sun. But don't both parties engage in hypocrisy from time to time? Sure. But you wanna talk about differences in orders of magnitude? Let's start reading "Rethinking Watergate/Iran-Contra" by Robert Parry.

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