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Kagro in the Morning - March 12, 2015

McCain blames Obama for the Cotton letter. And snow. Greg Dworkin's headlines have the Gop both in disarray and united. Israeli elections loom. CRS explains treaties vs. executive agreements. Making a case for Rubio. Not sure Lindsay Graham is flirting with treason because of Cotton's letter? Well, now he is. Ted Cruz's CPAC applause lines mysteriously don't work with firefighters' union. TN and IA legislatures consider dumb gun stuff. Fox's Megyn Kelly says racist emails like those in Ferguson are routine. Speaking of emails, remember how no one cared when the Bush WH "lost" millions of them? And what are the rules that apply to Congress, now set to subpoena Clinton? Just a wee bit more on the disqualifying comments from Lindsay Graham. Taxpayer subsidized corporate crime.

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