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Another grab bag of topics and info, today. Greg Dworkin continued building on the narrative of guns as a public health issue, and brought word of Team 26's arrival in DC. Today's #GunFAIL updates included follow-ups on some recent stories, plus the story of a robber shooting himself in the nuts. Always a crowd pleaser! In Congressional and Congress-related news, the Senate is stuck on another filibuster of a motion to proceed, this time to the House-passed continuing resolution to fund the government past the end of March, and the NLRB is planning an appeal of the recent DC Circuit Court's ruling invalidating actions taken during the service of recess-appointed board members. Armando joined us to discuss the recess appointments question, and raise a related one about how Paul Ryan's budget purports to commit the Social Security trustees to tackling the task of fully funding the trust fund for a 75 year window. We wrapped up with a return to Robert Parry's "Rethinking Watergate/Iran-Contra," and some consideration of whether expansionary views of executive power has been equivalent as between Democratic and Republcian administrations.

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