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David Waldman reports from Trump Blizzard ‘17: Plenty of chaos, a Trumpish 4 inches in VA.

If you can find your driveway, and find your newspaper, the headline you’ll find is about the millions losing insurance coverage. The Congressional Budget Office estimates 24 million, but Donald thinks he can beat that.

Once again, that money you see Don slipping into his pocket—he certainly does not plan to keep that—he plans to “donate” it. You just haven’t told him where yet. Trump plans to cut government waste, but no one has told him where yet. He did act to make his Agriculture Secretary nominee rich, though. And, his son-in-law is getting really rich, with the Chinese. Donald Trump will be meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago next month.

Dmitry Rybolovlev, the King of Fertilizer, Potentate of Potash, Alkali Aristocrat, Marquis of Manure, Duke of Dung, Governor of Guano, Sharif of... why would he pay Donald P. Trump $95 million for a house Trump spent $41 million on?

Armando calls in sunny Florida to discuss Trump’s emoluments corruption and what can be done about it, Steve King: White Nationalist/Nativist/Eugenicist, Bernie Sanders coal country tour, The Rachel Maddow Show’s soaring ratings, and abhorrent hack Chris Cillizza’s raise.

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