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David Waldman exposes the Minecraft rigging scandal, brah! It’s the second KITM snow day, and the kids are at home again (artist conception) but don’t let them distract you from what is really important today!

Greg Dworkin remains focused on the Trump-Ryancare boondoggle. The Gop remains in full unity in their blame of somebody else. Paul Ryan tempts a political backlash, as Trump loyalists sound the alarm. The cost of failure on Ryan-Trump care may be the rest of Trump’s agenda. Trump’s polling divebombs. Senators offer helpful suggestions. Trump voters’ rationalizations are running out, forcing most of them into supporting Trump irrationally... but maybe some could change their mind when they become directly affected. Here is a list of people to blame for Gopcare. Have the Republicans quit thinking about how things will be after 2018? Democrats have to fight on many fronts to win this one.

Rachel Maddow revealed a little bit about Donald Trump’s taxes last night. The reaction has been, as expected, stupid, misguided and unfocused. So, Armando was required to come in and put it all into perspective for us.

Joan McCarter tells us that the federal government's power to borrow money to pay its bills is set to expire Thursday, but this administration won’t let a little thing like the calendar boss them around anymore. Anyhow, they have to concentrate on Trump-Ryancare, or whatever you want to call it. So what if the CBO says millions more will suffer — they are only looking at one prong of the Ryan-Trumpcare pitchfork! Already “prong one” promises to rob the poor for tax cuts to the rich, and lower premiums by forcing out the sick and old people. And, think of all the savings to be realized by lowering the life expectancy of the people owed money!

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