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Technical difficulties on both ends of the show kept things short today, but with Greg’s help, we had plenty of ground to cover. Trump’s failing presidency. The long fuse on the DonT Care bomb continues to burn. Conservative Dems look to stay relevant. Why does Steve King keep winning? Because his voters actually like his bigotry.

Robert Reich doesn’t, though. And nobody likes Muslim Ban 2.0. Trump’s “administration” continues to be at war with itself over personnel, this time at the Pentagon. The remaining Justice Department employees have found a way to charge some Russian hackers. And the dismissed U.S. Attorneys are being picked over for political prospects.

Trump’s taxes are still producing news, and new theories. Now noted Nazi and Trump supporter Richard Spencer wants in on the tax trouble, too.

And because today ends in a “y,” another Republican moralizer is caught with his pants down.

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