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Hanging around the house today? This week? The next few weeks? Great! Hole up with us at KITM and finally listen to David Waldman and Greg Dworkin without earbuds, volume up! Who’s going to stop you? Welcome to the pandemic of a lifetime… until the next one! (Which could be starting somewhere at this very second!)

Perv-a-lago has always been Parasite-a-Lago, and therefore is naturally a coronavirus hot spot. Ronna Romney McDaniel caught something down there, but who knows what. Matt Gaetz didn’t catch a thing, but doesn’t allow that to spoil his spring break.

What happens in Las Vegas isn’t going to happen in Las Vegas for a while. Go home. Stay homeSocial distancing can be fun and rewarding. The young and unafraid can stop killing others by staying inside. Wash your hands. Ordering food might be ok. Your cook might not be sick, after all. And, it keeps you off the road.

If we do this right, Trump can take credit for it. If we don’t, we only have ourselves to blame. There are a lot more mistakes to be made, and unintended consequences to discover. Conservatives piss on everything, then run their tongues along it. Oh, they do have a plan too, but where is Mao Zedong when you need him? Maybe a fellow sociopath can show them the light.

Our Sociopath in Chief, Donald Trump, breaks every health crisis rule, lies about it, then lies about that, then lies about that, and promises to do lie about that as often as he can. MAGAs usually dig that, but are beginning to come down with doubts.

The Trump economy had to be halted again this morning. Donald Trump has a totally normal temperature. People say “Sir, how is your temperature so normal? In an abundance of caution a rectal thermometer soon will be placed on Mike Pence’s nose.

Pity the profiteers. A US company tries to keep China from just giving survival away, while Trump  pays to keep the rest of the world suffering.

The U.S. Health and Human Services Department suffers a cyber-attack, and Antifas fight along the coronavirus front

Fantasizing about who you wanted for a Democratic candidate was nice and all for a while, but you knew all along it was going to be Joe, didn’t you? Joe Biden might rise to the occasion.

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