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Time for your medicine.

It’s pretty nasty stuff, so David Waldman and Greg Dworkin brought along a little sugar: Citizens finally are embracing their civic duty by voting, fighting suppression and coronavirus yesterday to vote at record numbers! And, Donald Trump’s approval rating is now where it should be, at 4%. Oh, no, make that 44% — wow.

Okay. Well, that is it for the good news. Bernie Sanders went home to reflect, reassess, and hopefully self-isolate.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump, megaphone in hand, stands on a mountain of rubble he himself created. Who could have ever predicted this, except for those predicting it for years? Thanks, Obama, for this excellent guide on how to prepare for pandemic influenza. Donald misses those old scandals that he could golf through.

The really bad news: When you flatten the curve, the curve goes on longer. Many are already deciding between staying home and being able to afford to keep their home. Expect this to go on, not for weeks, but for months. We are not doomed, but this is war. If we do this just right, only thousands, not millions will die. Unfortunately, the UK already screwed up and we have these guys. It really sucks, but here we are.

African nations don’t want our shithole diseases. Italians make a life-saving part for $1 that they were told couldn’t be made for $11,000, and might get sued for that.

Trump might be putting the government on this eventually… purportedly. Dale Cabaniss, the director of the government’s Office of Personnel Management, says take this job and shove it. What if Congress doesn’t show up for work?

Not enough disaster for you? How about an earthquake?

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