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Kagro in the Morning - March 19, 2014

Uh-oh. Republicans are doing "outreach" again, and this time it's supposedly millennials they're after. After yet another technical glitch, Greg Dworkin brought us stories of Chris Christie banning Tesla sales in NJ, conservative love for Putin, the Tea Party & Wall St. together again (but it might not matter) and The Hill's screamer headline about ACA rates. Joan McCarter for a chat ranging from coverage of the missing airliner, the CIA/Senate war, S.E. Cupp's advice to Republicans to lie about abortion, fact-checking push-back on the Koch brothers, the Republican healthcare "plan," McConnell gets fundraising help from a conserva-perv, and the NSA wants to classify... it's water bill. Other items: is IRS office politics letting tax cheats go free? David Dayen puts a critical eye on the DoJ IG's report on "mortgage fraud." By which they mean the bad stuff you might be doing. Banks? Well, call the SEC. Not our problem!

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