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What is David Waldman to do? With so much hitting the fan at one time, how can he find the time to even describe it all to you in one show? OK, so you heard this thing about Jeff Sessions—no wait, Greg Dworkin brings us way back to yesterday when the media swooned over Donald getting all presidential with it. A little distance is reminding us of the role and function of Trump’s joint address, and to not get bamboozled by style over substance. Of course, the media gets bullied, and played yet again. Donald was hoping to coast into Mar-a-Lago with his widow shtick, but even that “high point” is running into problems today.

On to Jeff Sessions! Given the choice between recusal and losing his job, being prosecuted etc., Jeff is becoming more open to recusal. Republicans are also seeing the benefits in false choices. Recusal is essential, but perjury is illegal, according to Jeff Sessions, and he will have to face that as well. Sessions is trying to Houdini out of this, but the gravity is strong. Jeff Sessions wasn’t just a routine campaign surrogate, and the Russians he talked to weren’t regular Russians. The GOP and Trump supporters are really working hard to keep from caring, but the scandal and its cover up are Trumpian sized now, and it’s becoming political suicide for Republicans if they don’t call for deeper investigations on Russia.

Paul Manafort’s daughters thought Trump was a joke, but they were more worried about Ukrainian’s blood money.

Armando wishes there was a catchier word than “emoluments” that holds the cachet of “Russian spies”. President son-in-law Jared Kushner will be keeping his companies, his money and probably his Russian connections too.

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