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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin glide high above that uncanny valley between stupid and satire to bring us today’s KITM:

Dr. Dworkin, political pundit and pediatric pulmonologist, wears both hats today to explain how the evolving coronavirus outbreak challenges our public officials. Wear a hockey mask to keep your finger out of your nose, but those paper ones aren’t that necessary. Get cautious, get prepared, but don’t get panickedSeasonal flu and coronavirus can be compared responsibly. Pandemic flu and coronavirus can also be compared responsibly.

If you want irresponsibility, you know where to go. The Trump administration says, “Nothing to see here, may we interest you in some Burisma? We’ll look into that coronavirus thing in a week or so”.

As the US moves from containment to mitigation here are the global facts. Unfortunately, the facts are made hard to get in the US, as is insurance money and time off. Thanks Obama — so far.

Israelis will brave anything to get a chance to finally become Bibi free.

Meanwhile, other things happen. The congress is told it can’t rely on the courts to enforce its subpoenas. The Supreme Court says gun owners can’t have what they don’t need anyhow.

And, as we click up to the top of Super Tuesday hill on the Democratic Primary rollercoaster, will there be a contested convention at the bottom? It’s time again for a KITM-splainer on delegates, superdelegates, and the process, procedure and merits of a meritocracy in the Democratic party political system.

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