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Kagro in the Morning - March 22, 2016

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The breaking news this morning was the attacks on Brussels. You got to hope no one here would politicize a tragedy.

David Waldman still welcomes telephone interviews:

Greg Dworkin tells us the primaries and caucuses set for today are still going on. The big story is in Arizona — 75 delegates for Democrats, probably most to Clinton. Idaho & Utah combined 56, probably most to Sanders. Greg looks into today’s contests and what is at stake in the future. The “Establishment” Republicans game out their Trumpless future, but have a hard time finding team players for their fantasy league. Donald Trump charms the audience at AIPAC from suspicion over to enthusiasm. How can Trump be Hitler if he’s cheered by Jews? A Holocaust survivor tells his sonWill American police serve as Donald Trump's stormtroopers?

Today’s conspiracy theories: Is the War on Drugs just a war on political enemies? Is Silicon Valley’s future destroying everyone’s future? How about this one: A 130 year old law could let John Kasich pick the next president.

Bernie Sanders thinks the concept of superdelegates is problematic. David thinks this is an opportunity for us to write the code of the government app. No. Do not let the Republicans win to teach anybody a lesson. No one ever learns the lesson.

Bismarck, Constitution, Santa Maria, Boaty McBoatface.

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