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David Waldman makes it official, throwing out the first bag of mulch, and his back, to kick off the spring season. Greg Dworkin sails in with his jumbo raft o’stories. It’s summarizing time!

Democrats that like to worry, worry that HR 1 might hurt democracy. Republicans worry that HR 1 might hurt Republicans, and make them all “former guys”. Scaredy Dems want to go back to baby steps, but big plans can carry the many needed side deals required for passage.

Republican voters believe that fascism might be the only thing left that can save democracy. Senator Ron Johnson helps them reach that very conclusion by destroying as much government as he can get his hands on. Other Republicans throw in when and where they can. What they can’t destroy, they will merely keep others from participating in. The 1/6 commission, being made up of a bipartisan delegation of Democrats and criminals, is having a hard time getting off the ground. Conservatives morality and empathy are often directly linked to their own personal pain, and it’s just not nice to wish they all reach that pain, forthwith. Idaho Covid protesters burn masks in front of their capitol, 14 days later, their capitol is shut down from Covid. 14 days might be too long to expect much of them to hold a complex thought, however.

The US gets an uptick in border apprehensions. Good luck finding a Republican that can remember 2019, let alone the George W. Bush administration. Reporter’s memories are even shorter. The prior administration's policies serially violated human rights and were profoundly cruel, which is precisely what John Cornyn loved most about them.

As for COVID-19, it’s still here. AstraZeneca’s vaccine is pretty good, and that’s good enough, especially compared to no vaccine. Johnson & Johnson’s single-shot vaccine was supposed to reach people quicker, but it is going to tougher locations, with tougher people to get through to. Meanwhile, EU nations spent too much time negotiating and positioning and not enough poking.

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