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Rise and shine! Hop out of your night jammies, put on your day jammies and get ready for another big week aheadDavid Waldman is back, prepared for the Mandy Patinkin levels of drama yet to come:

Donald Trump gave the Coronavirus one more week on its diet while he determines the acceptable level of death required to keep the Dow over 20. A week without golf, and having to stand up over and over again has begun to take its toll on Donald. He fired most of the people who could have let him slack through this. Fortunately for usDr. Anthony Fauci and his hippocratic oath are still there pushing for our safety. Fauci understands that Trump needs only one good reason, or any bad reason and he be out of there.

Republicans also know that not a moment can be spared to ensure the safety of their slush fund. The Typhoid Mary of libertarians, Rand Paul is now quarantined, further weakening Moscow Mitch McConnell’s control of his vote. Of course, just being caught trading the safety of millions to make a killing in insider trading might be considered a public relations loss for the Gop.

Around the world people take action. Italian Mayors take a flamethrower (literally) to quarantine violators. The Olympics’s Dick Pound isn’t sitting on his hands either. Ladies take it to the streets, and right to your door for a delivery fee. Gun shop owners are sort of like the healthcare givers of guns. Meanwhile, Trump’s tiny dirty hands reach around the world. The Trump touch of death reaches the Peace Corps. Defying all odds, Bibi Netanyahu somehow clings to life

Greg Dworkin tells us to not be Philadelphia, but be St. Louis. Why the Coronavirus has been so successful. How the Coronavirus became an American catastrophe. What is comingwhat needs to be done, now and in the future.

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