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The pandemic might be waning, it’s nicer weather, and so mass shootings have rebounded. Shootings are again coming so fast, it’s hard to forget the last one, before a new one arrives.  Is it too soon to mention yesterday’s massacre while we are talking about last week’s? Not anymore — Everyone, from the NRA to Keith Olbermann already have their lines rehearsed and are ready to go. Also, this season we have Lauren Boebert, out there making her name synonymous with gun death, leaving others free to link the crimes to the quick and easy access for the mentally ill to instant death machines, or perhaps to regular folk’s inability to comfortably pronounce the shooter’s name...

David Waldman and Joan McCarter have trod this trail before, as we all have. The path out of this would involve replacing the people and laws that got us into this. For instance, Washington DC statehood would certainly help on that, along with the benefit of giving about a million Americans rights we just might take for granted. At yesterday’s statehood hearing, Republicans stated little-known founder intentions, such as the need for state car dealerships, landfills, and… Oh, DC does have those? How about lawn signs and bumper stickers? They’d be out of control! The Heritage Foundation pleads with us to honor the real founders of this nation.

Nothing good will happen with a filibuster in the way. Rich, aka Liberal Thinking, surprises us with a mid-credits epilogue to his 6 part series on Busting the Filibuster for All Daily Kos Progressives. By the way, no filibuster busting need involve Vice President Kamala Harris. Kamala can concentrate her efforts on being humane with Joe.

A Chicago hospital CEO & COO let their friends at the Trump Tower to cut in line, so the city cut off the Hospital’s vaccine supply. Speaking of that former guy, he’s endorsing the far-right opponent of the Georgia Secretary of State who wouldn’t fix the election for him. Nine key oversight probes of that previous administration might come to light soon.

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