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Kagro in the Morning

Mar 25, 2020

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We have clambered up to Wednesday, a hump that feels like a mountain. KITM sherpas, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin inch us back down towards Friday:

Prince Charles has the ‘rona, and Waffle House is closed. Now what will we do? Nope, going back in time is not an optionThere will be no such thing as a functioning economy and society unless we work together. You’ve got a friend in James Taylor. Ford’s using car parts to save lives. People are are finally getting interested in infectious disease epidemiology! Then again, some people just aren’t that into a functioning society. (They boost gun sales.)

Politics and pandemics are a volatile mix. Red and Blue are still oil and water, but that is all going to change once the reality spreads across the country. Even Fox viewers might be catching on, despite the efforts of Fox News. At the Capitol they discovered coronavirus isn’t just for the little guy, fostering newfound bipartisan terror and cooperation.

It seems as if Donald Trump will never figure out anything, but in reality Donald just doesn’t share any priorities with anyone else. Shutting 6 Trump resorts got his attention, though. (Chuck Schumer closed that door, yay!) Trump resorts, never healthy, are also infected

Coronavirus has now infected polling.  People were temporarily relieved when Trump didn’t go for the nukes, but that bump in popularity will drop if Glenn Beck drops dead. Well, perhaps not, but coronavirus will change the equation, once this administration’s true performance starts to show negative results, and the account comes due.

Someday we will recover from all of this and get back to prosecuting the crimes this administration helped commit.

David explains why KITM doesn’t have a video component. Alexa however, is always listening.