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Kagro in the Morning

Mar 27, 2019

This week is all about Bill Barr and Obamacare! So, same topics, different day… but, because today is Wednesday, David Waldman gets both Greg Dworkin and Joan McCarter with their added analysis and entertainment value!

A clod has been lifted... maybe, no, not really by the release of the Barr report on the Mueller report. There are a few facets of Mueller's report Barr didn’t touch upon. For instance, what Mueller was actually investigating? Sarah Sanders calls for the death of someone, but is still working out who.

Donald Trump finally made the long awaited pivot to… WTF is wrong with him? No one wants to eliminate the Affordable Care Act. No one wants the entire health care system destroyed. No one at the DOJ wants to defend their own filing to district court.

Donald certainly is succeeding in making Republicans the party of health care in 2020. Voters may not remember Barr, but they will remember this. Republican voters are finding out just how deeply Republicans hate healthcare. Today, Barbara Bush wouldn’t waste her beautiful mind on Republicans. Donald Trump also tried to take sanctions off buddy Kim Jong-un, but that ended up being a little too WTF.

Republicans also hate the environmentIn the Senate, Mike Lee blew milk out his nose until he finally caught the attention of that cool smart girl across the aisle. Is the “warm” in Global Warming a little too inviting for chilly people? Maybe the “global” is a little too round for flat-earthers?

Mitch McConnell is helping Russia help Trump, again. He’s also giving Democrats incentive to pack the courts when they can take back the White House and Senate. Chuck Schumer would like to avoid talking about the filibuster before the election, but he doesn’t have that luxury.

Betsy DeVos, billionaire, owns several mansions and yachts, but not one crap about kids.

At the swearing in of Pennsylvania’s first Muslim woman, State Rep. Stephanie Borowicz asked forgiveness from Jesus 13 times. Jesus might forgive her, but he’ll be the only one.

Joan has awesome dogs. LOOK AT THEM.