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Kagro in the Morning

Mar 27, 2020

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It’s the weekend! Isn’t it? It feels like a Friday though... But then, it’s the weekend! Isn’t it? No one can tell you, you’ve nothing to do! Not with the days of informative reading, listening, and viewing material David Waldman is dropping off with us in today’s KITM:

Andrew Cuomo 2020! Donald Trump already has his little hands full with Joe Biden… and... one other thing.

Don’t worry, Trump is laser focused on job number one: discovering a cure for all of his coronavirus blame. The main culprit has been isolated —  all those whining about being sick or dying. The Surgeon General, who can vouch that Donald is healthiest, also recently discovered that Trump is smartest, especially when compared to governors, scientists, and doctors. Who needs their health when they can have partisan loyalty?

Trump cut staff by more than two-thirds in the CDC’s Chinese offices, before the outbreak.

Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro is certain Brazilians can’t catch coronavirus, except for the 3,000 that have, and wants to see some parties in the streets.

How did Boris Johnson catch the coronavirus? Who cares?

Watch coronavirus finish spring break and go home to mom. Watch coronavirus travel the world. Watch coronavirus cases multiply. Watch people die.

A whole lot of people are dying because of coronavirus, and we are only counting a fraction of them.

People learn how to make their own masks, and re-sanitise the ones they do have. Any mask is better than no mask at all.

Meanwhile, the stock market is up on news of unemployment and the prospect of your grandma removing herself off the nation’s dole. The stimulus package hands $170 billion in tax savings to real estate tycoons and employers find they can escape paying into Social Security.