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Kagro in the Morning

Mar 28, 2013

Greg Dworkin joined the early discussion of our new category of #GunFAIL emerges: guns people claim they "forgot" they were carrying. At airports, courthouses and other secure areas. Cold, dead hands! But also, I totally forgot I even had a gun! Wanting to have things both ways on guns isn't anything new, but it seems particularly outrageous that the same people for whom guns are the end-all, be-all could also forget they even have them. Well, if that doesn't suprise you, you probably also won't be surprised to learn there are those who don't see much point in the TSA screening for guns at all, which is another amazing thing discovered during this inquiry. Also: police departments around the country are having trouble finding enough bullets to keep their officers supplied, thanks to the nationwide panic and run on ammunition inspired by believers in gun confiscation conspiracy theories. The second half of the show was a broad economic discussion centering on the surprising development that Wal-Mart seems to be running itself into the ground in a vicious cycle wherein the drive for ever bigger management bonuses become dependent on keeping payroll--their largest cost center--down, but then seeing short-staffing hurt sales, which they compensate for by... cutting payroll. If that's not a metaphor for spending cut-driven budget hawkery, I don't know what is.