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Kagro in the Morning

Mar 28, 2019

David Waldman continues working out the bugs in the new KITM computer. At 9:00 each morning, the new Mac’s prompt pops up to ask if he is inclined to run for President, and David just keeps ticking the “Remind me tomorrow” box...

You think you got it tough? The moneyed elite are forced to bribe elite colleges to enroll their elite kids as a signal to non-elites that their kids are not elite.

Greg Dworkin tells us that Donald Trump insisting on "Brexit for Obamacare" is going to get them just where the UK is now. Where is that? Greg examines the indicative votes polling. What do indicative votes… indicate? Greg can explain. So, Brexit means Brexit, but does it mean more? Yes, it does! Will Teresa May’s resignation halt the Britain’s decent into chaos? No, it won’t! So, in a nutshell, that’s WTF is happening with the Gop’s Obamacare attack, with the exception that we all get Donald Trump in our deal.

Is Betsy Devos’ cut off of the Special Olympics actually Trump bullying by proxy? Trump’s executive orders are all part of the scam.

The majority say Trump was not exonerated by the Barr report on the Mueller report. Just wait until they read the Mueller report! Most voters say they will vote yes on Trumpexit, and that is before the economy really begins to tank. Urban youth are here to help us out of this mess.

Stanford University released a study based on 37 years of data debunking the Good Guy with a Gun theory, just in case you want to reason with some pro-gun partisans, heh heh heh.

Did Trump try to undo North Korea penalties? David finds himself explaining to Vox.

Willbur Ross may or may not testify to a Senate appropriations subcommittee, if it doesn’t coincide with his nap time. America’s corruption is a national security threat.