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Kagro in the Morning

Mar 29, 2016

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David Waldman doesn’t want to talk too much about Susan Sarandon. Neither does Greg Dworkin, so Greg quickly changes the subject: Donald Trump supporters really support Donald Trump, but Hillary Clinton supporters really like her too.  

Bernie Sanders has had lots of good news lately, but that may not be enough, so his team has a long shot plan to flip super-delegates and “hijack” the nomination. Sanders’ election team has a hard time explaining this to the press.

Monte Frank returns to talk about Team 26 and this year's Sandy Hook Ride on Washington, and gives us the inside, local look at legislation to prevent gun violence, as well as the Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus. How do Americans poll on guns?

There will be no charges in the #GunFAIL at the OK Corral incident.

South Carolina wants entire faith groups to be held liable if a refugee they support commits a crime. Meanwhile in the state, Cruz and Kasich anti-Trump double agents fan out.

Freedumb’s not free, as militia leader with ties to Bundy stand-offs in Oregon and Nevada seeks bankruptcy protection for the third time

A man who accidentally shot and killed a pregnant woman while twirling a revolver feels he’s been punished enough for that, will now get punished for drunkenly shooting a shotgun on his birthday.