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Kagro in the Morning

Mar 29, 2019

You won’t believe how much David Waldman has packed into today’s KITM. Forget the weekend, you could become more conversant for weeks by just listening to this one show:

Sure, Donald Trump purports that the Great Lakes have record deepness, but as usual, don’t believe him until you see him prove it. Donald remains really good at getting stuff done or whatever: A federal judge blocked Trump Medicaid work requirements in Arkansas and Kentucky. Another pesky judge struck down Trump rules governing association health plans

Meanwhile, Democrats on the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee noticed the State department block of a journalism award going to a Trump-critical journalist. Trump documents to banks and insurers are clearly fraudulent. The Trump administration approved secret nuclear power work for Saudi Arabia. Hell, we now know Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University has Pentagon contracts! Aren’t all of these, or any one of these, worthy of impeachment, I mean investigation?

Vladimir Putin’s one world order of transnational white nationalism continues apace, in Australia, with the help of NRA, as revealed by an Al Jazeera undercover report. Pro-Putin, pro-gun, anti-vax, terrorism-truther, Pauline Hanson says she isn’t connected to the Christchurch massacre. Putin says he isn’t connected to Pauline. Hanson’s One Nation’s nationalism is for sale.

Aaron Kleinman, the Give Smart Guy, aka Bobby Big Wheel, of, shares America’s Goals, and makes it his job to alert us when politicians stray from sanity and ethics. He is a KITM special guest for a 30 minute segment at the top of the second hour!