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Kagro in the Morning

Mar 5, 2014

We start with a peek at what's happening on the House floor today, including the latest stupidly-named Republican attempt at repealing Obamacare. Michele Bachmann is very sad that American Jews aren't doing her Christian bidding. The CIA apparently thought it was a good idea to monitor the computers used by Senate staffers conducting an investigation into... the CIA. Next, GunFAIL "Where Are They Now?" featuring a two-time FAIL-er who's made the news again, this time for a pipe bomb. Freedom! Joan McCarter checks in on the CIA story, ACA Medicaid expansion, Lindsey Graham's Beghazi freakout, Harry Reid takes it to the Kochs on the Senate floor, and the ongoing minimum wage and immigration fights. And, a quick look at Dalia Lithwick's "'Stand Your Ground' Nation."