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It's finally snowing. Therefore, nothing can get done. That's what happened in the Senate today, as the filibuster once again blocks a top judicial nomination. Did you know President Obama hasn't been able to confirm a single judge to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, by most accounts the second highest court in the land? Nothing to see here! Move along! Greg Dworkin joined us with the latest Q-Poll, hitting gun policy issues from new and interesting angles, plus the latest on United Physicians of Newtown and "Team 26," biking from Newtown to DC to raise awareness of gun issues. Of course, we had to add to the #GunFAIL record with the latest news, both the outrageous and yet more items that really crystalize the problems with widespread gun usage, including a recent Dear Abby column on the subject. You know you're penetrating the popular consciousness when you break the Dear Abby barrier. Next, a review of the day in Congress, including a new CR in the House and a judicial filibuster in the Senate. Then, the foolish Republican state legislator in Washington state, forced to admit (!) that bicyclists don't actually create a carbon dioxide emissions problem. Another look at the gap between record high corporate profits and record low household income, plus a note about how tax expenditures (which are the same thing as grants or subsidy payouts) could more than cover the sequestration cuts they're imposing on us instead. Lastly, some observations about how Republicans redefined "balance" in order to try to squeeze out even more cuts, and who the wealthy (on "both sides," admittedly) are paying to make sure nobody notices that you're getting the short end of the stick. Again.

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