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The Great Dishwasher Installation Caper of 2013 is over, and so is Rand Paul's sorta-kinda filibuster of the Brennan nomination. We had a shortened visit with Greg Dworkin, but he reviewed a new Q-Poll with national numbers (as compared to CT numbers) on gun policy issues and gave us an update on the "Team 26" ride from Newtown to Washington, DC. After a brief couple of points about the Paul filibuster, Armando took the reins while I managed the household, and from there, the discussion turned to the issues surrounding drone policy, the fatally-flawed AUMF. That encroachment on Congressional power led to discussion of yet another, this time by the courts in the Voting Rights Act case. Rejoining the show (at last!), I revisited the dynamics of the Paul filibuster, took up a listener question about how party leaders are selected and challenged in the Senate, and then had to wrap up with two more rather egregious tales of #GunFAIL that just couldn't wait.

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