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David Waldman reminds us that International Women's Day is tomorrow, which could be A Day Without A Woman, so plan accordingly. Yet another example of a whole bunch of women fixing what a whole bunch of men did. David got the idea that women might want to shop that day (from his wife) but Not All Women may choose that... in fact guys can support women too!

The house GOP Obamacare replacement plan has major gaps in cost and coverage, surprising no one, except maybe Jason Chaffetz. Republicans are skipping a CBO score, which could cause a “Byrd problem”.

Trump figures the best way to pay for the wall would be to cut national security—but not around Mar-a-Lago, which of course needs to increase. After all, there are a lot of important people there, especially during weekends. For the remainder of the week, lobbyists can rest their expense accounts at Trump International Hotel

Have our dystopian robot overlords arrived? The answer might surprise you, unless you believe it’s an artisanal snake oil based secret sauce being sold by Stephen Bannon to the Mercers. When it’s Trumpian skullduggery, you know the Russians want a piece of it, and Donald P. Trump loves some Russian skullduggery too, as required in his battle with the United States of America.

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