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A good Friday mixed bag. Greg Dworkin called in to discuss the jobs report, the Paul talking filibuster vs. the Halligan silent filibuster, and means testing Social Security vs. lifting its tax caps. Of course, there was more #GunFAIL news, just illustrating that even highly trained professionals find they can have potentially serious trouble with shooting situations. You can't have a discussion of both gun news and jobs news without Meteor Blades. So we didn't! And as always, we were much the better for it. We talked economics in general, reading Laura Clawson's post on the divergence of increased productivity and real wages. Why doesn't anyone ever worry about diminishing that incentive to work hard? Probably because they love being historically wrong. To prove the point, we turned to a Krugman piece reviewing Republican predictions of doom and disaster from the Obama stimulus, and from there, to an old Daily Kos piece reviewing Republican predictions of doom and disaster from the Clinton stimulus. And Medicare. And Social Security. This. Is. What. They. Do. To wind up, we noted word from scientists that the Earth's temperatures appear to be at a 4,000 year high! And we left you with a weekend thinker about immigration, the abandoned capitalist value of the free movement of labor, and just for a twist... how that relates to the consecration of rights, including gun rights.

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