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David Waldman missed his RSVP to Don and Ted’s excellent dinner last night. Heidi did not ask Donald to pass the beans, as that could have gotten messy. Nice to see the fellas getting along, though.

Greg Dworkin still finds Trump more offensive than charming. Last night, or this morning, Trumpcare emerged from the ways and means committee, without much debate on, or even reading of the bill. Will the bill go no where, as designed, or will presidential magic happen? Trump plans to blame Democrats for any bad, including Trumpcare. Republicans will blame each other, as soon all of their constituents outside of the 1% see how they are screwed. Several major health groups are rejecting the bill. The AARP already has spots out on The Age Tax. Is SCOTUS the cause of the Gop opposition we're seeing to a rollback of the ACA's Medicaid expansion? Maybe the Democrats can help the Republicans out of the repeal box.

Low-income wage growth has been pushing wage growth for the last few years. Thanks Obama.

The Trump administration has found it difficult to find loyalist Machiavellian toadies that meet the high standards of executive-branch positions, but it has installed hundreds of little snitches throughout various federal agencies. Steven Mnuchin’s Treasury picks are stalled on loyalty worries. Anthony Scaramucci was too independent of a Fed for Donald.

Loyalty to the US is not that big of deal for Donald P. Trump. Michael Flynn’s lobbying probably aided Turkey. The Ukraine and US find another connection between Paul Manafort and Russian intelligence. Remember the Donald Trump threat of a trade war with China? Probably not so much now after China granted 38 trademarks to Trump, including Trump Brand Escort Service.


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