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Max Von Sydow, checkmate at 90.

David Waldman, handling the KITM microphone with only his toes for the time being, carefully ushers in a new week:

Coronavirus is a huge PR problem for Donald Trump, although Trump projects only a couple million dead, and most wouldn’t have voted for him anyhow. Greg Dworkin reminds us that coronavirus doesn’t care about your happy talk, and the the market cares even less about Donald’s

While Trump is BS-ing, are we mitigating or containing? You can deny reality until you are blue in the face, but an information bubble will only protect you for so longEmerald City Comic ConSXSW Austin, and Connecticut state universities and colleges do their part to flatten the curve. Schools should close before it’s too late. North Korea has a lot of sick people now, as Italy locks up and pulls down the shade

Btw, the virus is SARS-CoV-2, the disease, COVID-19. You can just call it “Pompeo”.

So, we may still have an election... Good newsEverybody loves Elizabeth Warren!

No, stop lying, America: You were never gonna vote for a woman president. Of course, it is never their time until we make it the time. Warren women will go where they want, unfortunately now seems to be the time for the safe choice, and the safest choice is apparently Joe. There is an ever widening and more meaningful gap in the Bernie-Biden polling.

At the last possible moment, a contender emerges: Governor Steve Bullock is running for Senate.

Erik Prince recruited ex-spies to be pretend spies for pretend pimps and real perverts over at Project Veritas. Speaking of a pervert, six former wrestlers say Jim (Gym) Jordan knew about the abuse at OSU. Speaking of spies, here’s what Russia is doing in Ireland, and how Saudi Arabia infiltrated Twitter.

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