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Did you decide to attend a Climate March this weekend? Wise choice! Today there are May Day marches—a good day for it, as it is May Day, which is also International Worker’s Day. Today is also Loyalty Day! Feeling loyal? Wanna send a little attestation our way? 

In an indication of his loyalty to you, David Waldman smeared a dollop of expired scallion cream cheese on his bagel and got behind the KITM microphone once again for another week of sh*tstorm duty. Sure, Fox is deeply, ludicrously, egregiously dishonest. But is Trump always lying also? Yep. Probably. But he could maybe just be stupidDonald Trump will tell you anything.

Greg Dworkin catches up from Friday and the weekend with an around-the-world round-up. Trump gets friendly with Philippine’s Rodrigo Duterte because nothing matters other than Trump.

Congress voted to keep the United States alive for a bit, although Trump’s tax cuts are going to hurt more than Reagan’s. Conservatives needed Russia as much as Russia needed them. New York Democrats are gunning for Trump’s state taxes. The Alt-Right is gunning for you, with guns.

David got last week’s Sebastian Gorka stories in the nick of time, as Gorka is “to accept a role outside White House”. His career change was inspired by the cessation of paychecks from his previous employer. Gorka isn’t the only alpha male sent yipping with his tail between his legs. Jim DeMint will be accepting a role outside the Heritage Foundation. Milo Yiannopoulos previously accepted a role outside of book deals and speaking/taunting engagements. He is attempting to return, in an quest to find a young protégé, ward, apprentice in the 13-15 year old range. Corey Lewandowski seemed to have accepted a role outside the White House, but he promises clients that he is still inside.

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