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Kagro in the Morning - May 10, 2016

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David Waldman has to stop the car and straighten us all out again on superdelegates. But, there is plenty of other fun stuff too:

Reverend Alvin "Dobie" Weasel is caught another time with a loaded gun at the airport, blames God. Texas County Gop Chairman blames you jokers. Japanese satellite company blames the software update.

Greg Dworkin recommends Quinnipiac polling to gain insight on Republican thought, but not for polling Americans. Now, if you want to know how Donald Trump compares to Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, Hemorrhoids, or Nickleback, you should check out PPP. Bernie Sanders should do well in West Virginia today, but should not expect his Mo to be The Big Mo.

Elizabeth Warren gets under Trump’s very thin skin, as more women all over figure him out, as well as more and more Republicans. So, what else should we expect from Trump vs. Clinton? Trump’s spin is moderating, but he isn’t.

North Carolina Republicans see a downside in being known as the bathroom police.

Short-armed friends Donald Trump and Chris Christie figure out how to scratch each other’s backs.

Barack Obama finishes up his Presidential tourism miles with a trip to Hiroshima, Japan.

Will Donald Trump grant Paul Ryan’s secret wish and give him a vacation from Cleveland?

KITM’s new Florida Correspondent Darwin Darko reports on Governor Rick Scott’s attempt to poach jobs from California

David spends time on the details in the Maine Democratic Party Convention rules amendment on superdelegates to discover unintended consequences inherent in grassroots populist reform.

An Arkansas judge resigned after someone found a ton of not-so “community” service assignments on his computer.

Budweiser probably won’t make America great.

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