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David Waldman hopes that you called your mother this weekend if you had the chance. Except for Ben Shapiro’s mom, she says she’s good. Greta Van Susteren pretended to be offended by a term she pretends is liberal. Even a mother could never love the NRA.

Greg Dworkin rounds up the punditry describing just how things are heating up in the GOP. Republicans reap the chaos they sowed.  Donald is their their messiah, therefore the Big Lie is their gospel, lying is their liturgystupidity is their sacrament, and there should be restraining orders on their apostles laying on of hands. Christian Nationalists are drawn to them somehow.

The Big Lie can be traced to a Texas security company and right-wing websites, but its followers had long been waiting for its arrival. Laws against voting are being followed by laws against protecting voting.

How can Jacob Wohl still possibly be outside of a prison?

People love how Joe Biden is handling the pandemic, too bad we didn’t have him a million deaths ago. Coronavirus is still spreading rapidly around the world and global herd immunity is not an expectation. Variants continue to multiply, but vaccines and scientists have shown they can hold the line. Dutch scientists have trained honeybees to identify coronavirus, for example. Research has shown the places and situations where we need to be cautious, but also the ones in which we can just cut loose. Now if we can just keep ahead of humans thinking up ways to subvert the system...

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