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David Waldman, Greg Dworkin and Armando return to today’s KITM, to tell us more about Comey, Russia, and the latest in Spirit Cooking.  

But first, over to the Bahamas, where Donald Trump needs to choose between Chinese investors, and the United States. An easy decision—what has the US done for him recently? Catchy tunes though. Why can’t we do something like that? Trump had been hoping to work his way up to an opportunity to shake hands with The Big Boss, but was sad to see Russia’s lack of honesty. After all, if you can’t trust the Russians, whom can you trust? Trump is now preparing a certified letter attesting to no Russia ties. (Don’t sign for it, because then it’s on you.) James Comey would have seen Donald’s innocence, if only he completed his Russia/Trump investigation.

The base still backs Donald Trump, AKA the inventor of Keynesian economics and fluid dynamics. Donald did not come up with the idea of firing James Comey. That was Fox & Friends. Why was Comey fired, really? More importantly, how did Trump do it? Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is too humble to say so, but he is a key player in all of this. This looks like a job for Jason Chaffetz!

This Comey stuff will not make it any easier on Republicans in their town halls. Some will take it all in stride, like Tom MacArthur for instance. Oh wait, no, down he goes.

Looks like Trump will now have to crack down on voter fraud.

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