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Spring brings warmth, life, hope, and things really do feel like they are getting better. This weekend, David Waldman discovered that he could get out, relax and have fun, even without a ball washer handy.

Everybody wants to be Mayor of New York City. Candidates Shaun Donovan (federal housing secretary) and Ray McGuire (investment banker at Citigroup) were asked the median sales price for a home in Brooklyn and went for the low bid like they were on the Price is Right.

Joe Biden has been tidying up the place since he got in and it sure is looking prettyRahm Emanuel has the ear of the president, but will have to speak up from his post on the other side of the world.

National security wasn’t “sleeping” so much as it was “choked out for a while” during the Trump administration. The CIA was on the job, but when they said to “consider the source” the administration didn’t consider them at all.

Republicans might not be good in governing, but they sure are great at circumventing it. Democrats tried out the Congressional Review Act and just loved it. Thanks Newt! Republicans always want immigration stopped before they will consider reforming it.  Budget reconciliation might finally step around that. If any governance ever does occur, Tom Cotton will be the guy to stop it . It will take a lot to dodge him.

Relax, Virginia Republicans have a new man to chase the red Chinese away (and to lose to Dem Ralph Northam) by the name of Glenn Youngkin

Hate him or despise him, Josh Hawley has always been the same his entire life. Elise Stefanik is whatever she needs to be at any moment. Ronny Jackson knew he’d be better off saving Trump’s face over his life.

Joan McCarter is happy to have survived her vacation and make it back to KITM. Joan has followed Elise Stefanik’s transformation from RINO to MAGA to whatever. What Joe Biden really needs to worry about is across the street and in the middle of the 19th century.

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