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Kagro in the Morning - May 13, 2015

We're still pondering the bin Laden bombshell. Greg Dworkin follows up with an ancient history alert: Philip of Macedon's remains IDed? Gop 2016 field stumped by one weird trick! Jeb flubs Iraq question. Hillary Clinton moves toward everyone else on immigration. Another wild North Korean execution story. Trade vote falls flat in the Senate. How in the world will Republicans decide who gets on stage for debates? TX considers outlawing laws they don't like. Finally! And at last, an oppressed florist speaks! Yet another underling resigns from the Tulsa Co. Sheriff's Dept. Joan McCarter joins us for further discussion of the TPP voting, Jeb's Iraq gaffe, and Zombie Reagan. Also: Jeb's growing dark money empire, House votes on abortion restrictions yet again, gaming the NSA surveillance voting, creepy apps bosses love, and Bob Corker's curious call for even more surveillance.

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