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David Waldman scratches his “Wednesday” chalk mark on the wall, and brings us another KITM. We also welcome Paul Manafort who has been released back into home confinement with the rest of us.

But first, we’re over to Kagro’s Coronavirus Cook’s Corner, where we’re sorry to discover that chicken breast preparation is just one of the things we have been absolutely clueless about. Artisanal marijuana pipe makers never have to worry about such things, you know.

Greg Dworkin assures us that Donald Trump is failing under virtually all polling criteria (thus totally jinxing November’s vote). In those polls, Trump is losing the olds faster than he can kill them. The youngs are still sleepy, but have a few more months to wake up.

It’s not 2016, although if it was, Tim Kaine has completely got it this time. It’s actually more like 2008 all over again, or maybe it’s 1932 all over again. If it were 2016 all over again, maybe they’d have a chance of fixing the polling. Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders is positioning himself to be a top member of the Biden parliament.

Republicans have already decided Trump is going to lose, even Donald thinks he’s going to lose, but it’s the haters that hate Trump the most. Words don’t fail to describe all that’s wrong with Trump, they just have a hard time keeping up.

Everyone is tired of this pandemic, but everyone is aware of how it can get worse, and few are dumb enough to put themselves at risk. There are enough dopes out there, however, to screw it up for the lot of us. Donald Trump has no plan. Rand Paul isn’t sure if he’s supposed to be trolling or just plain stupid. Jared Kushner could have definitively stated that there is absolutely no risk in opening the country too soon, but he didn’t.

Germany is loosening its borders, while Canada finds it needs to tighten its.

More art of the deal: Some guy said he’d sell FEMA 10 million masks for $55 million. Good thing FEMA pays COD. A Texas, USA, mask factory begged to deliver millions and were of course, turned down. So, here’s some counterfeit masks.

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