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It’s Friday and we’re off first to Kagro’s Coronavirus Science Corner where David Waldman enlists his wife—or his wife enlists him—in a live on-air experiment involving a lot of heat, a little water and a exploding kitchen. As invariable and constant as Old Faithful, nitwits stumble into the hot stuff over at Yellowstone National Park, even if they have to climb the fence to do so.

Donald Trump has not yet walked into a volcano. The good news is, if we can find one, and tell him it’s not there, he will walk in. Donald figures he might be able to cut a thousand or two off his Nagasaki-sized death toll if he only could get a recount. A dozen states bet they are on God’s good side, while evangelicals await their viral rapture.

As Greg Dworkin has told us, none of this is helping Trump’s election chances, and things will only get worse for us before they get better. The CDC now issues a warning on the growing risk of a Kawasaki disease-like, coronavirus-linked syndrome in children. Talking could leave coronavirus in the air for more than eight minutes. Loud talking could leave coronavirus in the air for up to 14 minutes.

Democrats who wish to breath less of their colleagues’ phlegm for a while are looking into a few other ways of getting their job done, including proxy votingArmed terrorists bring a literal end to democracy in Michigan.

Sweden’s lockdown strategy did not net them any more money for the lives they spent.

@Darwin_Darko, aka Darwin H.M., and definitely the most reasonable man in America, explains why the Ahmaud Arbery story is so disturbing for a lot of people.

The Mike Flynn case gets weirder as the judge signals he won’t dismiss and might be considering criminal contempt charges. William Barr both-sides the court, which might get him good press, one way or the other, but now he’s got Watergate prosecutors working against him. The judge in the Roger Stone case orders the Trump administration to turn over his Ukraine emails. Trump was covering up info on Saudi involvement in 9/11, but now that’s out.

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