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Kagro in the Morning - May 17, 2016

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David Waldman brings us all of the fun & infuriating Clownstick news, plus other things!

Donald Trump is hurt that some focus on his history of abusing relationships and interactions with women and those with less power than him, when it can be shown that he might have purposely been nice to some people also.

Greg Dworkin brings non-Clownstick analysis. But, first: Donald Trump’s success with Evangelicals is not surprising. Evangelicals have a consistent history. If people turn to Trump for hypocrisy, who does he turn to? Did the media keep the juiciest revelations for the time they’d bring the biggest ratings? Hillary Clinton is ahead, and widening her lead, but it gets more clicks to say the race is close

Today are the Kentucky and Oregon primaries, good luck to the candidates!

Life of the party Ralph Nader returns with opinions on Bernie, Hillary.

Wisconsin Republicans get giddy just thinking about voter suppression, kitchen sinks. John Paul Stevens says the Supreme Court decision was “correct” but maybe not “right”.

The rift between Labor and Environmentalists threatens the Democratic turnout plan. Even people who worry the most about the environment take little action if they personally see little action being taken. Like West Virginia, coal will be a factor in today’s primary.

David looks at the details and the numbers back over at the Nevada Democratic State Convention.

Conservatives warned that transgender bathroom panic would bring the crazies, so they are sending them. The Supreme Court need a tie-breaker soon.

If you are a regular listener, you are familiar with the work of David Dayen. Check out this excerpt   from his new book, “Chain of Title”.

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