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David Waldman just might be in cahoots with “Big Rope” to sell more gallows, as evidenced by several convincing sales pitches he voiced today.

A guy in Colorado figured that all the other guys were disappearing their wives and fraudulently voting for Trump, so why shouldn’t he

You might have seen insurrectionists storming the Capitol on January 6, Georgian Republican Andrew Clyde saw a normal tourist visit. You might have seen Andrew Clyde barricading Senate chamber doors against storming insurrectionists on January 6.  Andrew Clyde saw himself guiding tourist traffic.

Gasoline shortages through the south were triggered by ransomware. Colonial Pipeline did pay that ransom, by the way. Oh, and the flow was not impeded, the ransomware attacked the meters used for billing.

The whole Supreme Court might not need to line up for the gibbet, if 4 new jurists could be added to show them the error of their ways.

Jared Kushner convinced his feeble-minded father-in-law to kill Americans to boost stocks. Jared apparently brought less peace to the Middle East as might have been hoped. Jared did make a ton of money.

Then there’s Donald Trump. While Donald pretended to not lose the election, behind the scenes Trump ordered America into full retreat.

Maricopa county knows auditing, and the Maricopa County Elections Recorder knows unhinged insane lies, and knows the difference.

Greg Dworkin tells us why Smilin’ Joe Biden is so upbeat. While Joe continues to fix things, the GQP plummets into the blackhole of its constituents. These are the kind of people that vote “present” in a secret vote.

The folks wondering why it is taking so long to escape mask mandates wonder why mask mandate relief is happening so fast. It’s not that the CDC came up with decision quickly, It’s that they waited so long to tell you what they decided. Millions under the crushing financial burden of awful deregulated insurance plans have discovered a miracle alternative called “Obamacare”! 

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