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Kagro in the Morning

May 17, 2022

Today, David Waldman announces that Joan McCarter is moving! No, not from Tuesdays on KITM, but from Idaho, where her family has lived for generations, to reunite with kith and kin in Oregon. Also, it might be a good time for her to leave Idaho, away from the far-right extremists taking over the GQP and the state. There’s one Democrat left there to turn off the lights, and he’s running for Governor. Well, there are others who say they are Democratic but are actually Republicans looking to parasitically take over the party.

There probably has never been a more lucrative grift than Christianity, nor will there ever be. Anything that moves that much violence will always move a lot of cash. It also can’t be beat for hiding any sorts of crime. The Trump administration did all it could to protect and nurture the White Christian Nationalist industry, and we now reap what they had sowed. Fox News doesn’t even know what we are talking about. Elise Stefanik was a little late in shutting up. Wendy Rogers is just asking questions.

In Georgia, the election supervisor let the local bail bond guy check out all her voting equipment for fraud. They had to throw out those machines, and that election supervisor. Colorado elections clerk Tina Peters is barred from overseeing elections, but unfortunately not from running in them.

Lauren Boebert is a lying nitwit, but don’t take my word for it, there are plenty of people who can personally attest to it.

Meanwhile, North Korea has had an "explosive" COVID outbreak along with a 0% vaccination rate, and so has Eric Clapton.