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Kagro in the Morning - May 18, 2015

Three gangs face off in a shootout that leaves 9 dead, 18 wounded. But the police response seems... a little different than you might have expected. Greg Dworkin rounds up morning news with the aid of NBC's First Read: Congress stalls on ISIS war authorization; Jeb shocks all in opposing marriage equality, supporting VA reform; Hillary tacks "left," by which they mean "center"; continuing Jeb gaffe fallout, with which Rubio in particular seems to struggle; Walkermentum not happening; Greg's "why does Jeb want to run?" theory catches on, and; your mandatory "Dems in disarray" entry. A Tennessee wacko (and former fringe Congressional candidate) is arrested while hatching plans for a massacre in a NY community of Muslims. Ted Nugent says kids' GunFAIL is all a "big lie," then five sets of siblings proceed to accidentally shoot one another. US raid takes out ISIS "oil minister." And did you know ISIS has a 5-star hotel?

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